The exciting term, infopreneur, is becoming a hit among today’s entrepreneurs who want to capitilise on the sea of opportunities available on the internet. An infopreneur, apparently combined from the two words “information” and “entrepreneur”, refers to an entrepreneur who makes money by selling/sharing information on the web.

Infopreneurs fall into two categories. One is where infopreneurs sell information which are created on their own. The other kind is whereby infopreneurs piggyback off information from certain sources, modify as their own and sell them. The selling part might not exactly refer to selling information to readers directly all the time. Instead, sometimes information will be made free to be read by anyone. In this case, revenues are earned through advertistments which are relevant to the information. Infopreneurship serves as an important purpose to the public especially when people are looking for information on a specific topic. Then again, the reliability of the source has to be checked for.

The selling part comes in when an infopreneur offers information products in a variety of formats including books, e-books, special reports, audio formats, videos, workbooks, booklets, and virtually any method in which one can deliver information. This method is practised by entrepreneurs cum infopreneurs and successful results are obtained.

The reason for successful infopreneurship, be it selling information or sharing information for free, is that it is a great way to market an individual’s ideas, products or services. Information sharing is like presenting a business card. It opens up doors to new business opportunities. With more media exposure, it can easily increase popularity to one’s business. An article published on an article submission site, gets republished several times to various websites which increases visitor traffic in the twinkle of an eye. Most infopreneurs have their own website which is a centre for their business. By publishing information on the net, they leave a link behind for interested readers to follow through and land up on the infopreneurs’ sites. For an example, an infopreneur may have written on a specific topic such as “the best ingredients to use in cooking a Bombay styled mutton biryani”. An interested reader who finds the information useful would then click on the link left by the author to visit his website where there would be more related information on that particular topic.

Gone were the days where there existed an industry era peacefully before technology started exploding into the scene in exponential forms. Today we are living right in the heart of the information era and what more relevance could it be other than infopreneurship. Information is the underlying vitality in today’s success to both an individual and a company. So if you feel the need to share loads of information, be it for profitable or non-profitable reasons, dive right into the limitless stream of information superhighway aka internet today.