15 Ways to Become a Pack Leader

A dog who does not know who the pack leader is, is a confused dog and can exhibit many unwanted behaviors because of it. Your Great Dane is a pack animal. All dog packs have a pack leader and social hierarchy in which each individual animal knows its own place.

Great Dane puppies are taught pack behavior by their mothers before they even leave the whelping box. By understanding pack behavior you can use it to help train your dog.

Pack leadership always involves the strongest animal. In dogs and wolves this leadership position is generally held by an adult male in his prime with sufficient life experiences to guide the pack in the business of day-to-day survival. Your dog will need to have a pack leader or she/he will become confused which will cause her to exhibit destructive behaviors and she will take her anxiety out on those around her and her surroundings. A dog’s behavior and your dogs body language is a good sign of them having a pack leader or them becoming the pack leader. A dog who knows her place in her human pack is a happy and well balanced dog.

You, your family, and your Great Dane make up a pack. You or one of your family members will have to assume the alpha male or pack leader responsibilities and hopefully the hierarchy will have each human at a point above the Great Dane dog.

Here are 15 tips to help you become the Pack Leader of your dog family:

  1. A Pack Leader always goes first. First when going through a doorway, first when going down or up stairs, and first when walking your dog. Your dog should be behind the pack leader at all times. When walking your Great Dane you should be leading not following. Your dog should be by your side or behind you. Walks like this help release pent up energy in your dog. This is the number 1 way to communicate that you are your dogs pack leader.
  2. When you come into the house or the room where you dog is you should ignore the dog for a few minutes (even if you only leave the room for a minute).
  3. Your dog should always have to work for a treat. A simple obedience command should be given before any treat is given. If she does not follow the command she should not be rewarded with a treat. The dog should always take the treat gently from your hand.
  4. You should have set times for your Great Dane feeding, Great Dane feeding should be done on a schedule. Do not feed table scraps to your dog (especially Great Danes) Great Danes have very sensitive stomachs and if you deviate from her normal food and treats you will have a sick Dane.
  5. Just like the walking and going through doorways first you should always eat first. The leader always eats first. When you give your dog food, eat a small snack first while your dog watches before feeding her.
  6. You should never allow your dog to mouth or bite anyone at any time, including during play.
  7. Your Great Dane should not sleep in your bed, not only because there may not be room for you but also because in the dog pack the leader sleeps in the most comfortable place. This is not to say you can not ever allow your dog on your bed. You can invite your Dane to lay in bed with you but just make her stay at the bottom of the bed and not push you out of the way.
  8. If you establish eye contact with your Great Dane she should look away first. When the dog looks away first it reinforces your status as pack leader.
  9. When walking your dog you should never allow your dog to “walk you”. You should have a slack lease, not tight. Remember, the leader is always first and leads the way.
  10. One of the basic commands your Great Dane puppies should learn is “drop it”. What ever is in her/his mouth you should be able to take possession of at any time.
  11. You should never play tug-of-war with your Great Dane. This is a game of power and you may lose, especially if you have a Great Dane, you may end up getting hurt.
  12. When you put your dogs food dish down make her wait until you tell her “Ok” to eat. Put yourself in front of the food dish and make her sit first. If the dog does not follow your command take the food up and try again in 15 minutes.
  13. All games played with your Great Dane pups should start and end with you.
  14. If you have a very dominate dog who has a problem with growling you should stop them immediately and do not allow them to lie on the sofa. Remember, the leader of the pack gets the most comfortable spot.
  15. The most important rule in being a pack leader is to picture yourself as big, powerful, and confident.

Remember, always stay in control and not to let your emotions show while training your Great Dane dog. If you do not think you will be able to establish this role you should enroll your dog in Dog Training Classes. Your dog will be happy, balanced, and secure knowing she has a strong pack leader.

If you would like more information on the Great Dane or becoming a pack leader Click Here [http://www.greatdane-dog-world.com/pack-leader].